Hi ! Welcome on my website. My name is Pierre Afoumado, 23 years old, 3D environment artist . You can find here all my creations and projects as well as all information you need about me . 

Here is the path I followed

Fascinated by digital art and video games for a long time, I entered E-Tribart online school to learn 3D and 2D computer graphics during two years . I later specialized into real time graphics, most notably into game environment art . I subsequently devoted one year to keep up with my training and to produce all projects of my Portfolio . At the beginning of 2014 summer, my skills and my knowledge of Unity 3D game engine, have allowed me to record a DVD about that one . This DVD is now available on Elephorm, a french online training platform . Then, first half of 2015, I worked as an environment artist for an indie game called "Oil and Water" . I'm now working for Dovetail Games as an environment artist on Dovetail Fishing Game since June 2015 .

screenshot from a test map for Oil and Water game made in Unreal Engine 4
screenshot from a test map for Oil and Water game made in Unreal Engine 4

Professional experiences

July 2014 : production of a real time scene in collaboration with Antoine Defarges ( texturing ) on behalf of Elephorm . Recording of a 5h40 course, entitled : "Débuter avec Unity" . ( "Start out with Unity 3D" in english ) .


December 2014 / June 2015 : environment artist ( specialized in vegetation ) on "Oil and Water", an indie game .


Since June 2015 : environment artist at Dovetail Games on Dovetail Fishing game

Studies and training

- 2010 : Bac Es

- 2010-2012 : L1 information and communication at "Michel de Montaigne" university

( Bordeaux 3 )

- 2012 : CQP opérateur de parcours acrobatiques en hauteur ( work as a Treetop adventure park operator )

- 2011-2013 : lead CG 2D/3D, specialized into real time graphics at E-Tribart 


- Modeling : Uv, High poly, Low poly, rotopology, LODs, sculpt, vegetation modeling, procedural terrains creation, environments, characters .

- Texturing / Shading : realistic textures, baking ( high / low poly ),polypaint, PBR

- Lighting / rendering : lightmapping, multipass rendering, photorealistic rendering, optimization for real time

- Concept art

- Compositing : 2D and 3D, green screen

- Matte painting : 2D and 3D

- Fx : particles, fluids

- Animation and rigging

- scripting : Java Script

- teaching


* Main skills are in bold and yellow


Mastered Tools

- Unity 3D

- Unreal Engine

- Maya

- Photoshop

- ZBrush

- SpeedTree

- World Machine

- Vue XStream

- Crazy Bump

- XNormals


Secondary Tools

- Quixel Suite

- 3D Coat

- 3Ds Max

- MentalRay

- VRay


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